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Thursday, 25 November 2010


My ACUPRESSURE Page is now up and running for any of you guys that are interested. Afraid the text has gone a bit funny, Mum's working on it, but you should be able to read it ok.

Catch ya all later!!

Lotsa Licks

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I'm Back

Hi there all you guys! Thank you all for visiting my blog while I have been out of sorts. I am back on track again now, doing ok again with my walking. I am back in hydrotherapy twice a week again now to help build up my muscles and help get me stronger. I will be staying at twice and sometimes maybe even three times a week at least until after my hip replacement  which will be in about 10 months time.

Here I am again swimming like a fish in Hydrotherapy on Saturday.

Mum has also been doing ACUPRESSURE on me to help with pain on bad days, it's greeeeaaat and has been a great help to me. I will be adding a page on Acupressure in case any of you want to give it a try. It's great for Hip Dysplasia/Arthritis and many more conditions. It is extremely safe, but should not be used on any pets with cancer or for wounds and infections. Watch out for my page in a few days, it will explain more.

I'm off to hydrotherapy again in the morning wheeeee!

Mum has also bought me Wheat Bags to warm my hips and joints. Before I go for my walks though best of all I like it when she puts the hairdryer on me and massages my back and hips to get the blood circulating properly through the muscles. This helps me to walk better so I can walk further now, which is great.

Well thanks again to all of you that have visited my blog and left all your lovely comments and well wishes, they mean sooooo much to me.

Lotsa Licks

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Casper Not Well

I haven't done much blogging the last few days as I have been unwell. I had a very bad tummy and a bit of a relapse with my hips. I have been having pain and difficulty walking since Saturday. Mum has been giving me painkillers but I am feeling a bit miserable at the moment as things seemed to be improving. I have a hydrotherapy session tomorrow but Mum's not sure I'll be able to go yet!

Me feeling sorry for myself

Am feeling a bit better today and mum says I'm walking slightly better but still not good. Oh well, it could be worse I suppose, look on the bright side yer!
See ya all soon!
Lotsa Licks

Friday, 12 November 2010

Hydrotherapy Session

Here's little ole' me having my ninth hydrotherapy session. I'm doing ten minutes a session now, with breaks of course.

My therapist gives me great toys to play with in the pool and I have great fun. I free swim now in the pool with regular breaks where I sit and rest on the platform. I can't wait to get back in!

Look at me go! I'm thinking of training for the Olympics hee hee!

My sessions have been dropped down to one every five days now and then will be once a week.
I wish I could go every day. I love it!!

Me having my shower after hydrotherapy. I am soooooo clean!
My muscles are so much stonger now that my therapist thinks I will not need hydrotherapy for too much longer. I am glad that my muscles are getting stronger as this may push the hip into place as I grow, but I will miss my hydrotherapy sessions. They're FUN!!

Lotsa Licks

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Joining you guys in a
 "Wordless Wednesday".
Mum says, "That will never happen with you Casper! You can't stay quiet for five minutes!"
Cheeky Mum! I guess she's right though, I couldn't even do a wordless post. I guess I'm just a chatterbox. Mum is ill in bed, so thank goodness she taught me how to use this computer hee hee! I'm off now surfing the web while Mum's in bed! While the cats away as they say!
Lotsa Licks

Monday, 8 November 2010

Skeletor - "Skelly"

Please visit Skeletor's blog and help if you can with a small donation or spreading the word by adding one of his buttons to your blog or just become a friend! Poor Skeletor! Hope he gets well very very soon!
Lotsa Licks

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Second Annual Worldwide Event

The Second Annual Worldwide Event is nearly with us! Please visit Jake & Fergie's blog for more information.
And at exactly 11:00 PM (23:00) GMT on Sunday 14 Nov 10
All Bloggies Will Turn toward the Skies
And join together in One Silent Minute
of Meditation, Contemplation, Reflection and/or Prayer
Whatever feels right to you.

And wish and send Any and Every
Furry, Fuzzy, Feathered Fabulous Friend and Their Families
(Still with us on Earth or already across the Bridge)
Whatever is in your Hearts
That will help them feel the Love and Support
They want and need and deserve right Now.
(from Jake & Fergie's blog)
Me and Mum also like the idea of lighting a candle, which we will be doing and thinking also of our own "Jinny", "Jodie" and "Jasper" who are now gone from our lives here on Earth but will always be loved and never be forgotten.
Please visit my Mums' "In Memory" page on her website
I will also be joining Martha & Bailey singing - well Howling!
Lotsa Licks & Slobbers

Friday, 5 November 2010

Guy Fawkes - Bonfire night

Hope you all have a safe and peaceful Guy Fawkes night!
Who is this Guy fawkes anyway I asked Mum!  What's all these explosions about?
Read here to find out "Guy Fawkes"


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Chocolate Or Not!!

What's with the photography Tom? I'll never be famous at this rate!!

There can't be just a wrapper surely!

Mum says that I can't have any chocolate anyway, so just as well I didn't find any. Mum says it's poisonous to us dogs! Mmhhh, I think she just wants it for herself, she is a chocaholic after all!

Seems Mum's right! Read this....


Monday, 1 November 2010

New Blog Address

This is my NEW blog address.
If you were a follower on my old blog, please renew your following here, in the sidebar on the right and if you have just found my blog, please sign up to be a follower of  my little doggy world.

As I have renewed all of my posts here on my new blog I have lost all your lovely comments, SO, please feel free to leave as many comments as you like, the more the merrier, woof woof.


Lotsa Licks & Slobbers