Welcome to my blog....This is where I will be posting about all the things that go on in my doggy world, The World Of Lil Ole' Me "Casper Bear" @ Home. I will be sharing photos, information and anything else I find fun and interesting. Remember, I am a DOG!! Take a look at all my pages - links in the sidebar. If you like my doggy blog, please leave a comment or become a follower.

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Casper Bear

Caspers' Furriends

My Family

As you already know from my profile, I live in South Wales, United Kingdom with my human Mum & Dad, my Yorky sister "Megan", two cats "Oliver & Olivia", an African Leopard Tortoise "Timmy", 2 Goldfish "Itsy & Bitsy" and a 28 year old Catfish "Perky".

Genista Gold Milaika - "Megan"

Megan is nine years old, born on April Fools' Day (April 1st) 2003. She is my best friend but does bully me sometimes. I keep telling her "I might be only two years old, but I could squash you with one paw". She just bites me and runs off. Awhh, I do love her though!


Oliver is ten years old, born on (approx)14th March 2002. He was born with eye problems and had to have his eyes removed, one when he was only four months old and the other around a year later. He could not see at all from birth. He is the most wonderful cat and you would never know he was blind the way he dances and runs around chasing Megan (poetic justice I say Meg wol). He is a BIG cat, black shorthair and he loves Mum, he sucks her collar every day and will sleep in her arms like a baby. Mum says that he was bottle fed from just 4 weeks old (he had been dumped in a petshop doorway) and didn't give up his bottle until he was nearly 6 months old.

Oliver with Itsy & Bitsy


Olivia Rose is seven years old, born on (approx) 29th November 2005. She was found dumped down a drain at the airport, in a right mess, filthy and smelly. Mum soon cleaned her up and fed her and she has not looked back since. She is a very energetic cat, quite small and very cheeky. Very sweet and loyal is Olivia and there is never a dull moment when she's around. She is not a very good eater, Mum says she doesn't eat enough to keep a mouse alive sometimes! Mums' a bit of a worrier mind you!


This is "Timmy". He is an African Lepoard Tortoise and is much bigger now than in this photograph. Mum got him in March 2006 (I think) so he's about 6 years old. He was really tiny when he came to live with us Mum says (I wasn't born obviously). He eats like a horse, salad, fruit, dandelions, cabbage and he loves his tortoise pelletts too. He is a proper character and loves having his swims and baths. He has to have a heat lamp and fluorescent light. He loves to play in the garden on a warm sunny day and gives Mum kisses. Awhh! Creep!! Only joking Tim Tom...


Perky is a Channel Cat Fish. he is about 12 inches long and quite wide. he is 28 years of age. What a character he is! He comes up to the glass and puts his lips against it when Mum does it, just as if he's kissing her! Awhh! Someone once gave Mum a recipe for catfish with garlic and saute potatoes, she went mad! I wasn't there but I can imagine. Mum goes mad with anyone that hurts animals

Sadly PERKY crossed over The Rainbow Bridge on 14th December 2012 aged 28 years

My Human "Mum"

This is  My Mum - My Human Mum. She makes Teddy Bears/Dolls and draws/paints pet portraits. Mum gives me food and treats and loads of cwtches (cuddles) "Oh how I love food! Well I am a Labrador, it's in the genes". My Mum loves me, I'm her Baby!

My Human "Dad"

This is  my human "Dad" who takes me for lovely walks and stuff, he's my mate! Mum comes too!

I also have two Human Sisters, Catherine and Amanda. Amanda and Kevin have a baby daughter who is one year old - Katie Rose. Catherine has two Westies & two cats. Amanda has two Shar-Peis. They do not live with us, they have their own homes now, but don't live far away, and we see each other all the time.
I love them all!
They are