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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Casper Bear

Me @ 3/12 weeks old

Again @ 3/12 weeks.
Cute or what!
Here I am 5 1/2 weeks

Me aged 7 weeks

Another of me aged 7 weeks
Is that me? Can't remember being that small!

9 weeks. OMG I am  handsome!

9 weeks old

Me in playful mode still 9 weeks

10 weeks old and already weighing 6.5kg, so my Mum says

I thought I would catch you up quickly with pics of me growing. Mum says I must be sleeping in a grow bag - don't know why she thinks that do you? I had already learnt to sit by now but still weeing on the floor and running riot she says. OMG what does she expect! I'm only a baby!

I came to live at my "Forever Home" with Mum & Dad on Saturday May 1st 2010 at just 8 weeks old. They travelled 4 hours to Nottingham to collect me. Must be mad! They met my siblings and  parents. They thought they were all absolutely gorgeous. My parents are highly trained gundogs and really obedient. They're hoping that I'm gonna take after them lol. I just humour them and let them have their dream! What harm can it do? We travelled back to Wales in the car for what seemed like ages, I slept most of the time and buttered my new mum up with lots of licks and kisses.
I settled into my new home really well, not at all scared or confused and got on well with all Mum & Dads other pets and they with me. I'm just getting them into a false sense of security, waiting till I'm bigger!
Mum says I'm already proving very easy to house train. What a laugh! "He makes such a cute noise when he wants to go outside to relieve himself", I hear her tell everyone in a baby voice. "He is a proper little TEDDY BEAR - "CASPER BEAR" . OMG, she thinks I'm a Teddy Bear. I know she wears glasses, but that's ridiculous
What have I got myself into?
More later....

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fallowfen's Lord Casper

My kennel club name is "Fallowfen's Lord Casper" and I was born on 9th March 2010 in Ossington, Newark, Nottingham at Fallowfen Gundogs. I was born into a litter of 9 puppies, 5 boys and 4 girls. I am known as "Casper" or "Pappa" but Mum calls me "Casper Bear" much to my annoyance. She is sooo mad about bears, she thinks I look like a bear. Mmmm!

My Brothers & Sisters & Me

Can you guess which one is me? Just look for the handsome one hee hee!

This is my Father

Casper Wharf Of The Hills At Fallowfen

This is my Mother.

Sunrunner Miss Christie Of Fallowfen

That's all for now.