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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I'm Back

Hi there all you guys! Thank you all for visiting my blog while I have been out of sorts. I am back on track again now, doing ok again with my walking. I am back in hydrotherapy twice a week again now to help build up my muscles and help get me stronger. I will be staying at twice and sometimes maybe even three times a week at least until after my hip replacement  which will be in about 10 months time.

Here I am again swimming like a fish in Hydrotherapy on Saturday.

Mum has also been doing ACUPRESSURE on me to help with pain on bad days, it's greeeeaaat and has been a great help to me. I will be adding a page on Acupressure in case any of you want to give it a try. It's great for Hip Dysplasia/Arthritis and many more conditions. It is extremely safe, but should not be used on any pets with cancer or for wounds and infections. Watch out for my page in a few days, it will explain more.

I'm off to hydrotherapy again in the morning wheeeee!

Mum has also bought me Wheat Bags to warm my hips and joints. Before I go for my walks though best of all I like it when she puts the hairdryer on me and massages my back and hips to get the blood circulating properly through the muscles. This helps me to walk better so I can walk further now, which is great.

Well thanks again to all of you that have visited my blog and left all your lovely comments and well wishes, they mean sooooo much to me.

Lotsa Licks


  1. Hi Casper:

    You are a lucky guy to have a Mom who is so willing to help you improve your walking and your pain level.

    Thanks for visiting our blog today and we hope we see you again soon.


  2. Hi Casper, It is great to see you! I am glad you are feeling better. I am looking forward to learning more about acupressure. I have mild arthritis in my back legs, maybe it would help.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. We are so happy to see you! It does look like you're having fun swimming, but I prefer to stay out of the water myself. Too much like a bath.

    I'm having giveaways on both The Daily Oskar & Pet Blogs United if you want to stop by and enter!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. Hi Casper, I am glad that you are back and feeling better too.
    I think hydrotherapy is a very good treatment. Mika is doing it everyday as we have a water tank at home. His muscle is coming back slowly and he is getting stronger too. Instead of hopping, he is using the injured leg more these days too. I also let Eva do the hydrotherapy twice a week as she has weak hindlegs, in fact, she is diagnosed that she has hip dysplasia as well.
    I'll come back to check the acupressure too!

  5. Awhh, thanks for visiting my friends! Thank you Stella. Pip, I think the acupressure will be good for your arthritis, it's doing me loads of good. I'll definetly be popping on over to enter your giveaways Oskar. I'm so glad that Mika is doing well and was sooooo sorry to hear that you also have hip dysplasia Eva. The hydrotherapy will help I'm sure. My acupressure page will be up soon, Mum is typing it up for me but she has a bad cold and chest at the moment so is a bit slow. What can you do without the staff bol!
    Lotsa Licks and Love
    Casper Bear

  6. my sisfur Isis does h2o therapy too, hoe it makes woo feal good:),


  7. Oh so glad you are feeling better Casper Bear!! I bet those wheat bags feel fabulous. Mom has something like that she puts on her neck sometimes. So happy you are liking the acupressure too. Wishing you well buddy!

  8. Thanks RA and Rudy! Lovely of you to stop by for a visit...
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear


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