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Friday, 23 July 2010

I am  now 19 weeks old and just growing and growing and growing!
Just for a bit of fun!
Mum says I always look like I have plenty to say in my photographs. That I am a very vocal dog and  like to be heard. Ignore me? Not possible lol! Just a few of the things I was thinking, just for fun!

“Oh no, I’ve been rumbled digging up the lawn again! That’s no jumbone for me! My Mum is a pushover though hee hee! Watch this!! A lovely, cute, toothy little smile and here I go”
"Hi there Mam! What you got for me? Jumbone maybe? I see that cat's been digging up the lawn again. I did try to chase him off for you but he spat and hissed at me and I was a biiit late! Sooorry!! Awhh, thanks Mum, a Jumbone, yay!! There's a sucker born every day! Munch, munch"

Digging up the lawn, at the caravan, is one of my favourite past-times. What was once a lovely lawn now looks like a cow field apparently lol. What the heck though, it's only grass she cries, it will grow back, we hope! And if it doesn't, well, we'll still have "Our Boy" that's the main thing. Awhh, I actually felt a pang of guilt!
Mum heard my Big Boy Bark for the first time the other day. She was in the caravan and I was on my peg (for safety) playing with my toys as usual. The people in the caravan behind were in their garden and ignoring my attempt to draw their attention. "Ignore me will you?" I thought, and with that out came the biggest bark I've ever heard. I sounded like a cross between a bloodhound and a wolfhound. Mum ran out of the caravan thinking a huge dog had got into the garden and was attacking me! No, it was little Mr Innocent himself, trying to draw their attention. Did I succeed? What do you think? I even managed to get a treat lol. Wonder when they'll be back again?

"Mmmmm, is that a plane or is it SuperDog? Oh no, it's just Dad with his pants on over his tights again Lol. Now that will mean no Jumbone for me. Sorry Dad!"

“Awhh, I did say SORRY Dad; no need for the hat is there! I have a reputation to uphold you know! What will the guys down the pond think if they see me? What do I have to do Dad, grovel? Mum, heeelpp, get this hat off me, pleeeease!!”

“Job done, hee hee!! Awhh, thanks for the jumbone Mum, yah!! Is she a sucker or what!!”

I love to go for my walks down Pen-Y-Fan Pond when we are staying at the caravan and  love to go in the pond for a paddle. I'm Mums' little “Water Dog!” I came out with a fish the other day, oh my gosh, they nearly died! Mum adores animals of all kinds as you probably know. It was obviously already dead but that is not the point she said. They had a terrible time getting it from me it was my PRIZE as far as I was concerned. There were four of them dancing around trying to get this fish out of my mouth, me holding firm, dancing and prancing around like the cat who had gotten the cream. What Fun!! You can imagine the scene! Eventually they gained possession of my prize and put it back in the water. Poor fish! I stunk of fish for a few days and so did Tom, who ended up with some of it on his sleeve, yuk! They now call me “Casper Fishwick” lol! Cheek!!

I am such a waterdog that I even love the rain! We’ve certainly had enough the last few days. I love to dance in the puddles and jumps about under drips from roofs etc, run through the long wet grass and come out like a drowned rat, but I love it. There’s no stopping me in the rain. I'm a right drip lol!

More soon