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Monday, 20 February 2012


Picture of little ole' me taken yesterday
 Chilling Out in Dads' chair whilst he was in work...

Hi there! Sorry I haven't been around for a while - hip problems as usual. I had to go back to see my specialist as I was having some pain again. Seems like I may have pulled a muscle but they did more x-rays whilst I had a nap and came to the conclusion that my hips need sorting  sooner rather than later now. The only problem is - my hip socket hasn't developed enough to take the new hip so they have taken all my measurements and sent them off to the USA where my new hip is being made and they are going to try to make one that will fit. They are not 100% sure that it will work and if it doesn't they will cut the ball of my hip off so basically I will not have hips. I will then have to keep my muscles built up to support me. To be honest I don't much like the sound of it but we are at a loss to know what else to do if my new hip does not work. Thats my right hip - my left hip has even less chance apparently as that is even less developed.
I have an appointment for it to be done on 27th February but this hasn't been confirmed by the vet  yet so Mum is going to try and postpone it untill 19th March when Dad has leave from work to make it easier.
Hope all you guys are well and enjoying the new year so far.

Lotsa Licks