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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Doggy Excitement!!

For some reason Megan, my sister, is feeling extremely excited and yappy about the royal wedding tomorrow. She has even bought a hat for the occasion. I guess being a Princess herself it must seem like a fairytale to a little dog like her. Mum tried to explain to her that even though she is a Princess we are not invited to attend. She was very disappointed so Mum had to promise that she can wear her Wedding cake hat all day tomorrow and that I have to wear my suit. Also Megan can watch "Enchanted" again on tv! Oh my!!

Megan in her wedding cake hat

Me in my suit
The things I have to do for my little sis'. Yes, I did see that she beat me too it and put my picture on her blog. She's getting a bit too quick with that laptop, I'll have to put it out of her reach! That shouldn't be hard, just on the sofa will do hee hee! Shorty!!

Lotsa Licks

Monday, 25 April 2011

Casper Bear In Hands

My human sister Catherine did this photo of me
"Casper Bear In Hands"

Do you like it?
My sister Megan has one on her blog too! Go have a look!

Lotsa Licks

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Strain!!

I have been unwell with my hip dysplasia the past few weeks so I have not been around much. I have been limping and have lost some muscle tone but Never fear, Casper Bear is back! We were supposed to be on holiday at our caravan this week but Mum didn't take us because I am still limping a bit so she thought it would be best to stay near home for now. We may go next week if my limp has gone. The vet thinks I have a strain. I  was playing with Megan a bit mad recently so that could be when it happened. I'm being much quieter now. I am not supposed to run and bomp about but sometimes it hard not too, I am only young and it isn't easy not to play too hard sometimes.
I am just off for my walk down the country park, only a short one. The funny thing is I don't seem to limp when I am out on my walks.

Having a nap before my walk...
Mums' always tripping over me on this rug, you can see why, I blend really well don't I bol.

See ya all later!!

Lotsa Licks

Friday, 1 April 2011

Happy Birthday Megan

We have so many Birthday the last few weeks. Today is another, my beautiful Yorky sister Megan who will be eight years old today 1st April (April Fools' Day) he he!

Love You Loads

Lotsa Licks Princess!