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Monday, 20 December 2010

More Snow!!

We have had loads more snow the last few days! Mum says it's a pain in the butt cos she's got loads of shopping to do for Christmas cos they've been ill. I think it's GREEEAAAT!! I've been having great fun in it!

This is greeeeaaaat!!

Me getting a cold butt!!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!! I love it!!

Just going into the Country Park at the end of my road. We've had loads more snow since these pics were taken yesterday. It's been snowing all day today! Yippeee!!
I think we are going to have a
Lotsa Licks

Thursday, 16 December 2010


Have all you guys out there been affected by this nasty Influenza bug? Mum and Dad have been ill with it and also my sister Amanda, and my brother-in-law Kevin is in the hospital with it! He has a bad heart, he's only 29 years old, and the bug has infected his heart valve that he had replaced a few years ago. My sister Catherine has started with it today now too! Hope they ALL get well soon!
I'm just glad I'm a dog!

Lotsa Licks

Friday, 10 December 2010

Good News

Some GOOD NEWS about my treatment.
Since Mum started using the ACUPRESSURE on me a few weeks ago, I have not had to take ANY painkiller medicine! Also, my muscles are getting much stronger again and I have been feeling really well. I am walking fairly normally, still have a bit of a swagger, can't walk too far still but I am doing Greeeaat! Mum is sooo pleased. She has been massaging me daily also, all of my muscles, as the front ones are taking a lot of my weight at the moment so I need to keep them strong. I am still going to hydrotherapy twice a week and this is helping get my muscle strength back too. I went today and had a great time. Mum is still warming and massaging my muscles before I go out into the cold weather everytime.
We are so pleased and just hope that this keeps up now untill my operation next year.
That's it until next time..
Lotsa Licks

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Putting up The Christmas Tree

Did you see me yesterday, watching, I mean helping Mum put up the Christmas tree? Well, it's now all up and finished!
She also came up with this singing and dancing Penguin! There he is on the mantle with the little snowman Mum got me.

Couldn't stand him dancing, what a racket he makes, so I knocked him over hee hee!

Mum saved him and put him back by the tree. I'll get him again tomorrow!

Oh well, tree all done! What HARD work that was too!
Here's some of our decorations. With Mums' obsession with Teddies, there had to be
A Bear...

Or two...

A  Golden Reindeer or two....

Golden Christmas Trees and baubles galore..
Think it's time for a break now. Mum sure expects you to work hard.
More pics tomorrow and some GOOD NEWS about my treatment.
Catch ya all later!
Lotsa Licks

Monday, 6 December 2010

Megs' Blog

My sister "Meg" has got a new blog! Why not pop over for a visit and become friends with "The Princess"

Lotsa Licks

Friday, 3 December 2010


This is the first time I have ever seen SNOW!  It's GREEAT! That's me in the photo sniffing about.
I chased it and caught it in my mouth and had a great time. I couldn't believe my eyes when it was falling out of the sky!
We haven't had as much here as the rest of the UK have had, BUT I'm keeping my paws crossed for more. Poor Meg though, she's sooo tiny the snow comes up to her tummy, so she had to stay in.
Brrrrrrhhhh, sure is COLD though!! I'm going back to bed with my hot water bottle!!
Catcha later!
Lotsa Licks

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Advent Christmas

Mum says that all of us "four-legged" friends should share in the excitement of the countdown to the Festive Season. Sooooo, she got me my very own ADVENT CALENDAR from The Dogs Trust.

Behind each day is a mini treat....
YUMMY for my tummy. You know me, always thinking of my tummy.
It's greeeeaaat! I opened my first door yesterday and I'm looking forward to todays too. Mmmhhh, Meggy has one too and lucky for me she's not a very treat loving dog. More for my tummy hee hee!
Click on the photo or here for a link to The Dogs' Trust Shop
I wanted Percy "The Pelican" for Christmas BUT unfortunately he's out of stock at the moment, but Mums' gonna keep checking back - I hope!
Catch ya all later.
Lotsa Licks

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Moosie Needs A Forever Home

Please click on the photo to visit Brians Blog to read all about Moosie whose Christmas Wish is for a forever home in time for Christmas. Please visit the blog and spread the word, the more people that know about Moosie, the more chance she has of finding that special forever home that she sooooo deserves.

Lotsa Licks

Wordless Wednesday # 4 24 Days To Christmas, I'm Sooooo Excited Woof Woof!!!