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Friday, 8 October 2010

A Reprieve!!

I've been to see the orthopaedic specialist and "whey hey" seems like some good news. I thought I was definetly in for the surgery after my Mum came off the phone talking to the specialist, and so did Mum. I had an assessment which included more x-rays and manipulation, he also checked my shoulders (all fine), all under a general anaesthetic - Ouch!
He was very pleased with the outcome of my x-rays. My Mum & Dad have been very careful with me since my pectinectomy operation, only having short walks and long rests. Plus, I have been on supplements. The vet said that my x-rays show that my condition is starting to improve, the socket that the joint goes into (or doesn't in my case) has started to shape and grow. He has advised holding off on any surgery for now, keep up with the supplements, keep on going on short walks only, plenty of rest throughout the day and swimming - I have to swim for 30 minutes everyday for six months or have hydrotherapy to strengthen my muscles so that when the ball of the joint fits into the socket, the muscles will help to push them in and support the joints - Something like that anyway!
I will be assessed again in 6 months and the vet thinks there will be even  bigger improvements. I may still need a hip replacement in a few years when I'm fully grown, but nothing now. OMG I can't believe my luck. What a close shave!
Mum bawled, I slid across the floor (as usual), everyone was sooooo pleased. Mum is looking at buying me a hot tub for swimming if we can find one deep enough. I love water but not looking forward to the cold weather, hence the hot tub lol. So, there you have it. A reprieve for Casper Bear, Mums' Chocolate Pudding (yuck)!

Lotsa Licks

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