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Thursday, 30 September 2010


TEETHING!! I have nearly finished teething THANKFULLY, What a painful couple of months! My adult molars are coming in as I’m going on for 7 months now, I must say I have a lovely set of pure white gnashers. Mum cleans them for me daily with dentifresh toothpaste for puppies and kittens. Tastes all meaty and has added calcium and I just love to try and eat it when Mum’s not looking. Mind you I eat most things while she’s not looking.

I have my own special toothbrush, specially shaped for my teeth too. COOL!!
You know how I LOVE my toys, well, I’ve been a bit naughty with them just lately and been trying to eat them, and Megans’ ( I destroyed loads of her SOFTIE toys while Mum was out! An ACCIDENT of course, or at least that’s the story I’m sticking too). Soooo my softie ones are GONE but not forgotten. I can only have the toys that I can’t eat to play with now Mum says. BORING!!

Mum’s trying to get a pic of my gnashers to show you but I’m being a bit awkward so perhaps later.

Mum says this is the best she could get for now! No idea why!!!

Loads & Loads of Licks

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