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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Surgery Pending

The appointment has come through for my assessment with the orthopaedic surgeon. Friday 8th October at . I have to be examined and assessed to see which surgery is best for my hip dysplasia. The vet will decide whether I should wait to have a complete hip replacement (which cannot be done until I am fully matured), or a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy a procedure effective for younger canines, like myself, the pelvic bones are surgically broken down so that certain parts can be realigned accordingly.
My Mum has been told not to feed me after the night before as the surgeon may decide to operate the same day – dependant on my assessment. I will be glad when it has all been done and I can get back out playing with my friends again. OMG I'm not looking forward to no breakfast on Friday!!

MUM SAYS: "That's typical  of  Casper, all he thinks of is his belly lol"

Me With My Ball

We went up to our caravan on the weekend and I had great fun romping and playing on our pitch. I don’t suppose we’ll be doing that for a while now so I made the most of it. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!

"Sitting On The Grass"

I heard Mum telling Dad that the grass needs mowing. I just thought they were growing cabbages lol.

"Just having a rest"

See you all soon!!


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