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Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Morning Swim

Here's me waiting in the car to go for my 3rd hydrotherapy session. I can't wait, been looking forward to it all week-end

Me in the pool

In the pool with Mike my therapist.

Watch me goooooo!! Full steam ahead! I'm coming towards you two's!

This is greeeeat!! I'm keeping my eyes on you Dad! Don't you go anywhere!

There's always a downside to everything isn't there! Do I really have to wear this silly hat to keep warm?
I have to keep warm when I come out of hydrotherapy, something to do with the muscles keeping warm, so the Mum & Dad make me wear my fleecy coat (don't mind that) but I draw the line at this beany! Awhh, come on Mum! Do you agree guys?


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