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Monday, 13 September 2010

"It never rains but it pours!" How true that saying is. Mum & Dad  are just getting over my  little  Yorkshire Terrier sister Megan having had surgery - a hysterectomy - when this morning my vet diagnosed me with "Hip Dysplasia"! Apparently my hips are in a very bad way. I had to have  surgery on the tendons to assist with the problem called a "pectinectomy".
I was playing in the top field yesterday with a few of my friends who are also chocolate labradors and I came back full of beans and as happy as could be. A little later however Mum says I started to act strangely, as if I was in pain, spent the rest of the day in my bed, which is not like me at all. Last night when we went to bed I spent most of the night whining as if I was in discomfort Mum said, so they sat with me and comforted me untill I fell asleep, Mum watched me all night, and then off we went to the vets this morning and we  were astounded at the outcome. They thought I had a bad belly or something, but no! It is hip dysplasia.
The vet talked to us about my diet, exercise, long term problems etc to try and prevent this condition getting any worse. Long-term, its possible that I  may have to have a hip replacement when I am fully matured and grown.
Like everything in life, we will have to take things day by day Mum says and simply just do whatever is necessary to make sure irt doesn't get any worse. Hopefully this condition will not worsten with a proper diet, excercise and I suppose it's best to know about this as early as possible as it gives us a chance to make sure I don't put on weight etc. Mum & Dad are planning to sell our house and buy a bungalow in the very near future so that will ensure that I don't have any stairs to climb as I get older. 
My x-rays have gone off to the veterinary orthopaedic hospital in Bristol for the experts to have a look at and decide what, if anything will happen in the future. My vets hopes that with the supplements that I am having, the problem will get better as I develop and grow. The operation I had on my tendons has worked as the movement in my hip is now much better, so, looking good so far.
 The only consellation is that "it could be worse" I suppose!
I will keep you informed on my condition.


I am completely recovered from my pectinectomy operation and I was neutered at the same time - Double Trouble, OUCH!! I am now running around as if nothing has happened and I feel great. Plus, I'm getting lots more pampering too lol


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