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Monday, 7 June 2010

This is Mums favourite picture of me, taken when I was 12 weeks old.
Mum & Dad really love me that's for sure. They say that I am continuing to grow into a beautiful dog with bags of confidence and that I'm boystrous, chew everything in sight (including them lol), that I dig up the garden and keep them on their toes with my boundless energy. They think I'm  great fun to be with. I do give them  lots of love and affection, licks and slobbers. Mums always got the wet wipes handy. Everyone they  speak to who owns or has had a labrador retriever like me say the same thing, "they are hard work as puppies, seem to be puppies for longer than most breeds, chew everything in sight but it is worth it as they grow into the most lovely of dogs". I personally think they've got a cheek standing there so brazen in front of me saying such things, except for the last bit of course, but I suppose I can be hard work. They're not getting any younger you know.They never get angry with me no matter what I do, so I guess they must adore me hee hee. I killed Mums favourite rhododendrum that she has grown and nurtured for many years the other day! I thought "Oh No, this is it" But, I just looked at them with my great big adoring eyes and they just melted in front of me. I tried to put it back together but No Luck! Poor Mum & Dad. Never mind, they've always got Meeee!

Lots of Licks 

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